outbound marketing..... reinvented

What if Telemarketing was a thing of the past.  At TTP Solutions, we seen the need to reinvent the way we do outbound marketing. With today's technology and visual engagement, and social media; we have changed the way outbound marketing is proposed. Take a look at a brand new way to set appointments, close more deals, and wow more customers. Instead of the robo calls and phone calls they are receiving elsewhere.

Small Businesses is Our Specialty.

We love helping small business grow. That's why we have ensured there is a package for everyone. All of our services are completely customizable to meet the unique needs of your business and your unique needs. We make sure that there is a package that meets any budget and we accomidate

MMS and Email Marketing

Email is a super power. Always has been. But its also a thing of the past. With our innovative MMS and SMS messaging services , you can get more appointments and more deals closed. 

Visual Engagement and remote tools

Assist your customers in completing loan applications, quotes and account/product support.  With our visual engagement and remote service tools; you will be setting more appointments and closing more applications in no time! 

Web and social media

We embrace millennium technology. with our platform your social media and web presence are all integrated into one system! Chat, video, remote tools now are accessible from all social media platforms to connect.

phone and chat

All of our packages include outbound and inbound calling and full chat support! Let our professionals assist your customers with easy appointment setting, beautiful marketing materials, and more customers!


Service Overview

TTP Solutions specializes in providing companies like yours with the freedom and support you need to grow your business.

 When you choose TTP Solutions’ outsourced marketing services, you get back a wealth of company dollars, hours, and manpower that you would otherwise be spending on staffing, training, and managing a team of capable telemarketing agents.

At TTP Solutions, we strive to become a perfect extension of your business and represent your brand just as you would. We go beyond the standard, generalized telemarketing script to create a personalized strategy that will play a helpful role in achieving your business goals.

With elaborate market research, we’re able to better understand your industry in order to provide competitive service — but we don’t stop there. We also invest the time to get to know your business and your audience on a personal level. In doing so, we’re able to understand the wants and needs of your customers while representing your business the way it deserves to be represented.

Increase Bottom Line 


Increase your bottom line

Not only do we save you time and money in overhead costs, but we also increase your revenue with precise lead generation and strategic sales calls. As if that weren’t a big enough Return On Investment, we also offer call center telemarketing designed to greatly improve your customer service, which in turn will establish an unshakable foundation of customer trust, loyalty, and retention.

Customer retention plays a vital role in boosting your bottom line. According to various research reports and market studies, the act of retaining an existing customer is far more profitable than attracting a new one, which can be up to 25 times more expensive. With the help of our team, you can achieve a lucrative balance between expanding your client base and keeping your existing customers satisfied and loyal to your brand and business.

Lead Generation

A form of outsourced telemarketing, lead generation is used as a way to contact parties of interest when it comes to purchasing one’s products or services. Our lead generation services can help your company target the right people or companies with qualified interests. All companies need clients, so having an effective way to constantly generate leads is essential.

Our talented telemarketing agents can deliver qualified leads that are primed to convert, allowing you to focus on other important business transactions. Our call centers can set up the systems and processes your company needs in a matter of days and will begin generating prospects without delay. We guarantee that our friendly yet professional approach will give you the peace of mind you need, and our prices can’t be beaten.

b2b/b2c telemarketing 

TTP  Solutions understands the value that comes from building interpersonal relationships. Enjoy the benefits of hiring a team of experienced outsourced B2B telemarketing professionals who share your goal of growing your business. Our professional agents provide an unmatched brand image loyalty for your business and are ready to represent your business.

B2B, or business to business telemarketing, will help your company reach out to clients in a way that will help to increase sales and set appointments. Our outbound telemarketing call center also includes event marketing services that will help drive attendance to company functions like seminars or webinars. TTP Solutions outbound telemarketing services provide you with the help you need and eliminates the hassle and expenses of B2B cold calling.


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